Kitchen Knives
源兼正 Minamoto Kanemasa B-series

High grade Japanese style Kitchen knives for professional use. Its blade cutting edge core is made of Japanese high carbon steel forged and welded with a soft iron for high cutting performance and longer edge retention. The traditional natural wooden handle with plastic bolster.


【2024 new】 This “魚捌き SAKANA-SABAKI” knife is useful for gutting or cleaning fishes because of the nice shape and size. The shape of the blade is a kind of a narrow 出刃 DEBA, but it is given an edge on both sides (double beveled edge). MINAMOTO KANEMASA B-series are high grade Japanese style Kitchen knives […]

Kanetsune Seki

Kitasho Co., Ltd. was established in Seki City, Japan in 1964. Going back to the past, our ancestors were carrying on making cutlery and wholesaling since 1930. Seki city is located in the middle of Japan, where has been called “The City of Cutlery” in Japan and also overseas.

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