Kitchen Knives
Various Nakiri & Santoku

Traditional hardening way “ HIZUKURI ” is that blades are hardened in a furnance bursting into flame. Then blades are forged by hands of skilled fire smiths. The number of fire smiths is decreasing very much and getting old. We are concerned about that these knives will be lost from Japan in the near future. Actually these knives would rust easily and the finish might be rough. On the other hand, they do cut very well, and remind us “Good old days of Japan”.

Kanetsune Seki

Kitasho Co., Ltd. was established in Seki City, Japan in 1964. Going back to the past, our ancestors were carrying on making cutlery and wholesaling since 1930. Seki city is located in the middle of Japan, where has been called “The City of Cutlery” in Japan and also overseas.

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