Maintenance Items

【IO-1122】Flattening stone #60 (Produced by NANIWA)

Fixing dent of the sharpening stone to flat or removing clogging grain

The sharpenning stone is scraped and gradually dented by use. Since dent in the sharpenning stone do not make sharp edges, please make sharpnning stone flat by this flattening stone #60 after sharpening knives.

Using emery will give the sharpening stone even more attractive finish.

Soaking the flattening stone #60 and the sharpenning stone in water for about 10 minutes before use.
※For the sharpenning stone that do not need to be soaked in water before use, please wet the surface of the sharpenning stone with water before flattening it.
※Depending on the type and the grid of the sharpenning stone to be resurfaced, scratches may occur on the surface of the sharpenning stone.
If scratches are bothersome, the scratches can be cleaned up by rubbing with the sharpenning stone of a similar grit to the sharpenning stone that repaired the surface.

Product details






Flattening stone #60 (Produced by NANIWA)


170×55×30mm / 6.69"×2.17"×1.18"


535g / 18.87oz.



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